Event 11/17/01: MASA Rocket Launch at White Bear Lake

67 degrees in mid November?  I wore a T-shirt all day!  Beautiful clear skies with a light wind form the southwest.

There wasn't really a theme for this launch but there were planned events:  The Fat Boy drag race and the Stomp Rocket drag race.

The launch was only from 10am to 1pm so I was a bit rushed since of course I did prepare anything head of time.  I also LCO'd the last rack.

My Flight Results:
Owner Rocket Engine Notes Alt Results
Jeff Centuri Taurus Quest C6-5 500 Delay a bit long, esp since aimed into breeze but recovered nicely.
Jeff Completely Cardboard Estes D12-3 500 Perfect, but I was planning to photograph the Mosquito when this launched instead.  The leads were crossed out at the pads.
Jeff Clone Estes Mosquito Quest MicroMaxx Ejectable pod 40 Perfect 
Jeff Mk1 Mod 1 Stomp Rocket Quest C6-5 Drag Race!
BOINK recovery.
500 Awesome simultaneous liftoff of 8 Stomp Rockets.  Someone had a two stage even.  I couldn't tell which was mine in the ensuing shower of rockets and spent motors.
Jeff Bic Arcas Quest MicroMaxx 1/8A Tiny chute 60 Perfect launch and deployment.  Might have got a photo (Kerry tried too).
Jeff Completely Cardboard Aerotech E28T-4 RMS 1000 Beautiful launch and deployment.  Drifted behind houses north of field and was not found.

Some of the other memorable flights were:

See the MASA Launch Report and MASA Photo Gallery for more details.

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