Event 08/25/01: MASA Rocket Launch at Blaine, MN

The theme for this event was "Science Fiction".
The morning was foggy with low ceilings that didn't lift until about 1pm.  The day turned out to be pretty nice though and a lot of flights were made.


(Quest UFO Drag Race)                                        (My Estes Trident)       (My Centuri Orion)            (John Carlson's Enterprise E)

My Flight Results:
Owner Rocket Engine Notes Alt Results
Jeff Scratch Bic Arcas Quest MicroMaxx 100 After cleaning the terminals of my MicroMaxx silo launcher, it finally worked.  The rocket went much higher than normal, then had a perfect deployment.  This was the first flight of the day.
Jeff Centuri Taurus Quest B6-4 300 Excellent flight.  Landed near pad.
Jeff Centuri Orion Quest B6-4 At the time I was prepping this rocket, we had a B motor maximum due to low ceilings.  Normally would fly with C6-5 or RMS D13.    My earlier flight of the similarly sized Taurus on a motor from the same pack flew great.  I'm pretty sure the Orion has flown ok on B6-4's before and expected  about 200'+ for this flight. 80 After 2nd try to ignite tigertail.  Scary, underpowered flight.  Arced towards crowd and ejected about 2 feet off the ground right at the banner line within 3 feet of a young girl who didn't see it.  The ejection slowed the rocket's decent so the damage was limited to the front of the body tube (an earlier zipper repair popped out too) and a small break of the spiraling just above the fins.  Very glad nobody got hurt.  On the next rack, Ted's folding wing glider hung on the same rod, so it may have had a bit of bend to it or rough spot I didn't notice during loading.  We really need to find a way to angle the low power pads away from the flight line.
Jeff Estes Trident Quest C6-5 500 Good.  Landed past ditch.
Jeff Estes Big Daddy Estes D12-5 Drag race with pad full of Silver Comets 700 Exciting drag race. Mine was one of the last to leave the pad but had a nice flight.
Jeff Scratch: Completely Cardboard Estes D12-3 chute + long streamer 500  Good flight but the LCO accidentally launched Glen's Nike Ajax at the same time so I mostly watched Glen's rocket.
Jeff Aerotech Initiator Aerotech F22-5J RMS Beeper (but forgot to turn on after re-prep failed ignitor) 1500 Nice flight.  I was LCO for this one.  Noticed small crack in one fin afterwards.  RMS cleanup was easiest ever - absolutely no blowby.

Some of the other memorable flights were:

See the MASA Launch Report and MASA Photo Gallery for more details.

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