Event 07/20/02: MASA Picnic Launch at Otsego

Cool and windy.   33rd anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing.

My Flight Results:
Owner Rocket Engine Notes Alt Results
Jeff Stomp Mk 1 Estes C6-7 BOINK recovery 500 Perfect BOINK. 
Jeff Stomp Mk 1 Estes C6-5 (very old) BOINK recovery 20 CATO.  Melted hole right through the side.
Jeff Estes Saturn V Estes B6-4 25 yr old model 200 Perfect launch but broke fin on landing.  Alan got a great photo of it heading toward the moon.
Jeff Bic ARCAS MicroMaxx II Tiny Parachute 100
Ann Nolen caught this digital photo of it just after lift-off.  It is so fast it is just a blur.
The chute ejected but was cold and did not deploy.


See the MASA Launch Report and MASA Photo Gallery for more details including photos of both of my rockets.

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