Event 06/23/01: MASA Rocket Launch at Blaine, MN

The theme for this event was "Going Crazy in Stages".    I flew three multi-stage rockets, including the first flight of the 25 year old Centuri Arrow 300 three stager.

Here i my first try at a  Streamer Rainbow using Completely Cardboard on a D12-3.

This day was also the second flight of the salvaged Archer (first time on a G80) and the first flight of the Magnetic Apogee Detector.

I won a Custom Venture kit in the staged fliers raffle.  So once again I return with more rockets than I arrived with.

My Flight Results:
Owner Rocket Engine Notes Alt Results
Jeff Estes Avenger "Wind Test Dummy" Estes B6-0, Quest A6-4 Good staging.  Two booster fins broke off after staging but both were found.
Jeff Estes Beta Estes AT10-0T, 1/4A-3T nylon Good staging.  Lost sustainer for awhile until someone else brought it back.
Jeff Centuri Arrow 300 Estes B6-0, B6-0, Quest A6-4 beeper First 3 stager!  Worked perfectly.  Beeper helped someone else recover rocket.
Jeff Scratch: Completely Cardboard Estes D12-3 Rainbow Manually held crepe paper streamer so wind wouldn't blow it away.  Worked fine.  Next time use longer streamer. See photo:
 Streamer Rainbow
Jeff Estes Big Daddy Estes D12-5 Good
Jeff NCR SA-14 Archer Aerotech G80-4T SU Magnetic Apogee Detector 700 Nice flight.  Apogee charge didn't fire due to weak battery, but 2nd chute opened due to opening shock of first chute

Some of the other memorable flights were:

See the MASA Launch Report and MASA Photo Gallery for more details.

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