Event 06/09/01: Rocket Launch: Tripoli: North Branch

Other than the sun being a bit hot, this Saturday launch was perfect.  Mostly clear skies with just a bit of high clouds, temps in the low 80's, and almost no wind.

I didn't arrive until about noon due to other obligations in the morning, but didn't miss much of the big excitement.   A friend David came with me to see his first High-Power launch.  He seemed to have a great time but got a bit hot by the end of the day.  My father arrived mid afternoon and watched quite a few launches also.

Some of the highlights were Brian Elfert's Level 3 flight on an M1315, Ted Cochran's PML Endevour multi-stage flight, several 8,000 flights, and an I-235 drag race.  One spectacular "Cartwheeling Flamethrower" cato reduced a quantum tube rocket to a limp plastic puddle.  The planned main attraction, the three stage BHR (Big Honkin' Rocket) flight was cancelled at the last minute when one of the altimeters failed during preflight.

I took a leisurely pace and flew only my mid-power rockets.  At first the lines were long, by the end of the day there weren't any lines but I & everyone else were hot and moving slow.

Flight Results:
Owner Rocket Motor Notes Est. Alt Results
Jeff Aerotech Initiator Aerotech G35-7W SU 2000 Great motor for this rocket.  Flew very nicely.  Made a soft "stand-up landing" without even sticking the fins in the ground.
Jeff NCR Archer Aerotech G64-4W RMS 1'st flight after rebuild (previous owner had a lawn dart that crushed the forward body tube and broke the nosecone bulkhead).  I modified it to split at a new coupler just forward of the strakes and added a bulkhead to the upper section so now it has a large payload bay for future dual deployment mods or other use. 500 Nice flight, though marginal on power.  Deployed nicely: new chute protector method worked though slow.  New bulkhead, repaired chute, and plastic riveted nose cone all held together fine.
Jeff Estes Big Daddy Estes D12-5 1st flight after rebuild (previous owner had 2 consecutive lawn darts).  Broken nose-cone bulkhead repaired using Plasti-Zip CA glue.  Removed 1/2" of damaged bt and added some nose weight to compensate. Used 22" nylon chute from Initiator (no wind). 700 Excellent flight.  Very stable, good ejection.
Jeff Completely Custom Cardboard Aerotech E11-4J RMS 16" chute + 10' crepe streamer.  Peeled MMT tube so motor would fit, but still tight.  Taped in RMS case. 800 RSO categorized as a "Heads-Up" flight and LCO was scared, but perfect flight, lots of black smoke.  Good motor for this rocket.  Motor case held tight.

Yet another great day!

See the photos of this launch on the Minnesota Rocketry Network.

Note to self: Bring more water and a cooler.  Buy a shade awning.  Bring white vinegar to clean RMS cases on-site.

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