Event 05/12/01: Rocket Launch: Tripoli-MN: North Branch

  This was the first launch of the season for Tripoli-MN and it was a perfect day: cool in the morning, warming to the mid 70's, clear, light winds, and best of all - NO CORN!  Just short green grass in all directions except the the south which was plowed.

I was a bit late but so was the setup so I was able to be in on the first round.  Decided to take advantage of the low winds and finally put my Initiator up on a G motor for the first time.    Had ignitor problems on the first attempt but a perfect flight on the second.

Had a very productive day, flying everything I brought.  Every rocket was recovered and only two suffered fin cracks that will be easily repariable.  Actually, I left with more rockets than I came with since one poor fellow lawn darted a nice NCR SA-14 Archer and threw it away in disgust.  I was the first one to the trash barrel and now have a "fixer-upper" project.   A few feet of new body tube and it will be back in the air.

There were many spectacular flights by others, including two flaming CATOs, the first by Glen.   There were also a fair number of heartbreaking lawn-darts.  One of the most impressive launches was a large orange upscale of an Estes Initiator.  It had three J motors clustered and two F's in the outboard pods.
Another was Ted Cochran's 2x upscale Mars Lander on an I211, and his Machbuster F101 flight.  I don't think there were any lost rockets this day.

Finally got pretty organized as far as range box and accessories.  Also, used an old wheeled suitcase to carry my smaller rockets (each wrapped in bubble wrap).  The only thing I did wrong was to not get around to applying sun-block.  I'm pretty pink right now.

Notes for next time:  Remember to take hat and apply sun block.  Bring lots of clothes pins for launch rod stand-offs and vinegar for cleaning RMS cases.

Flight Results:
Owner Rocket Motor Notes Est. Alt Results
Jeff Aerotech Initiator Aerotech G35-4W SU Beeper 1900 Awesome!  Landed on hard gravel road but no damage.
Jeff Completely Cardboard Estes D12-3 16" chute + 10' streamer 1000 RSO was suspicious but it flew beautifully.
Jeff Centuri Orion Aerotech D13-4W 18mm RMS 16" plastic chute 1500 Excellent.
Jeff Centuri Taurus Quest C6-5 14" plastic chute 700 Nice flight, cracked fin on landing.
Jeff Estes Astron Trident Quest C6-5 16" plastic chute 800 Very nice.
Jeff Bic Arcas Quest 1/8A MicroMaxx Tiny parachute 40 Perfect.  Crowd appeal. Ky & Jodi Michaelson got to see it.
Jeff Clone of Estes Mosquito Quest 1/8A MicroMaxx Ejectable Motor pod w/Streamer 30 Laughter.  Perfect flight.
Jeff Estes Mini Mars Lander RTF Estes 1/4A-3T 1st flight 10 Wrong motor. Severely underpowered. Plopped down next to pad long before ejection.
Jeff Estes Mars Snooper Quest C6-3 14" plastic chute 700 Nice flight.  Cracked outboard fin tip on landing.
Jeff Aerotech Initiator Aerotech E11-4J 24mm RMS 22" nylon chute 600 Perfect.  Slow climb.  Intended motor for Completely Cardboard but found casing didn't fit well, so used it in the Inititator.
Jeff Completely Cardboard Estes D12-3 16" chute + 10' streamer 1000 Perfect.
Jeff Centuri Spartan Quest B6-4 10" plastic chute 1000+ Very nice flight.  Much higher than expected, very long walk.

What a perfect day!

See the photos of this launch on the Minnesota Rocketry Network.

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