Event 02/23/02: MASA Rocket Launch at White Bear Lake

45 degrees, a bit of slushy  ground cover.  Strong winds from South.

This was the Free Rockets contest from the "Found-Parts" rocket building session at the Feb 5th meeting.

The launch was only from 9am to 11am.  I was judge for the contest and also helped some first time fliers prepare their rockets.  I forgot my bag of small motors so only launched what I had already loaded in my rockets.  (didn't really plan on flying much anyway).

My Flight Results:
Owner Rocket Engine Notes Alt Results
Jeff Completely Cardboard 2 Estes D12-3 1st flight of clone of original CC that was lost at last launch here.  Parachute was small plastic shopping bag with two strings tied to the handles. 500 Perfect.  chute deployed and worked great.  Got wet in snow, esp. nosecone.
Jeff Bic Arcas Quest MicroMaxx 1/8A Tiny chute 40 Perfect launch but chute did not open.  Too cold.

Some of the other memorable flights were:

See the MASA Launch Report and MASA Photo Gallery for more details including photos of both of my rockets.

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