MASA 01/27/01: Rocket Launch

This was my first launch at the White Bear Lake Sunrise Middle School field.  It is very wide East-West but narrower North-South.  Still larger than the Battle Creek Middle School field I normally launch at.

It was a bit chilly, around 20 degrees, but perfectly clear and light winds at first but they quickly picked up.

My equipment consisted of: Rolling toolbox, tarp, shovel, folding chair & folding coffee table.  Duffle bag of miscellaneous.  Large box of rockets.

This time to keep the motors warm, I left them in the car in an electric cooler/warmer.  To keep from cooking the motors, I put my Hudson's map book on the bottom and left the lid open.
(Photo by Alan Estenson)

I arrived late, 11am and the winds caused us to wrap up at around 12:30 (?).  Mark Thell was nice enough to drive home and get his very long snow rake pole to help me (with Glen Overby's help) get my Orion out of a tree.

My Flight Results:
Owner Rocket Engine Notes Alt Results
Jeff Centuri Taurus Estes C6-3 Nylon streamer 500 Nice launch, but streamer wrapped around tail and wasn't large enough to prevent high rate of cescent, nose first.  Snow-darted near pad.  Very minor damage, exaggerated existing kink in small tube, softened top of tube but nosecone still fits well.
Jeff Centuri Orion Aerotech D13-4W 18mmRMS Glen's 14" nylon chute 1200 Winds picked way up.  Perfect, loud launch and deployment.  But drifted off-range and landed in tree.  Glen and Mark helped get it down with a pole.  Tree extraction caused damage: shock cord ripped off, body tube zippered, broke one fin, broke two pods, one pod lost.  I searched the snow and the whole range and didn't find it.  Left address with homeowner in case it shows up this spring.

Some of the other memorable flights were:

See the MASA Launch Report and MASA Photo Gallery for more details.

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