Completely Cardboard

This is a scratch built rocket made from a gift-wrap tube and cardboard.  It has Through-The-Wall mounting of the corrogated cardboard fins.
The nosecone is hand-rolled from thin posterboard.
The motormount tube and launch lugs were rolled from 3"x5" index cards.
It flew great on D12-3 and E15-4 RMS motors.
It was lost (along with my 24mm RMS casing) at the November 2001 MASA launch at White Bear Lake.
Re-created for MASA 2/5/2002 meeting and launched on 2/23/2002.  I gave this to one of the "Found Parts" contestants whose rocket burned up during the competition launch. 

Cardboard Rocket on Launcher Cardboard Rocket Liftoff Crepe Paper Rainbow
April 2001 MASA launch                                                (May 2001 Tripoli-MN)        (Rainbow at June 2001 MASA - by Ted Cochran)
(Photo by Alan Esteson - me on right)


Parts #2

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