Dad's Born Again Rocketeer flight 08/11/01 Tripoli-MN: North Branch

My father Paul came to the 08/11/01 Tripoli launch so I could launch his recently completed BAR/ChristmasPresent rocket, an Aerotech Strong ARM.  He did a nice job building it and we were rewarded with a flawless flight on an F20 Econo-Jet (after the first copperhead popped).  Even had nice sound effects and great smoke.  The rocket was recovered in perfect shape, a big relief for both of us.


Dad had helped get me into rocketry at around age five or six and he built several of the classic rockets you've seen me launch over the last year:  Estes Trident, Mars Snooper, etc.  It was nice to be able to return the favor and get him back into the hobby and introduce him to mid-power.  Now to get him active in the club and building more rockets ...

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