Jeff Hove Software Consulting

Over 30 years of software development and management experience. (I started very young.)
Experienced project manager and IS Director. Very interested in project life-cycle planning and management. Wrote own project life-cycle tracking software.

Most professional experience is in designing sytems for health care treatment plan generation and service coordination. Current experience (8yrs) maintaining and expanding a Titan application for  retail point-of-sale, retail sales accounting, and inventory management at a large Telecommunications company.  Involved with interface design, batch operations scheduling and troubleshooting, disaster recovery and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Recently developed SOAP and XML RPC interfaces  and  a Progress-based dynamic web server.

Also very experienced with electronics, PC configuration, installation, networking, and repair.  Soldered my first computer, a Heathkit H-8 with 8080 microprocessor at age 13.

Hobies include aviation, robotics, rocketry, and restoration of vintage computers.



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